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Aug 31, 2022

Last of Operation Songbird defendants are sentenced

Beginning in 2018, the DEA and the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office partnered in an investigation into a Drug Trafficking Organization responsible for distributing kilogram amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl within Okaloosa County.

Named Operation Songbird, the years long investigation utilized numerous investigative techniques to identify members of the Drug Trafficking Organization and locations utilized by the Drug Trafficking Organization.

Aug 30, 2022

Crestview man tries to fight cop after mom gets taken into custody

A mother and son were arrested Aug. 29 near Crestview after one fled an attempted traffic stop and the other interfered with a deputy attempting to arrest her.

According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office press release, the incident started when a deputy spotted Venetia Berry, 62, driving a truck with the wrong license attached. Berry refused to pull over when the deputy tried to make a traffic stop on Highway 85 near Auburn Road around 10:30 a.m.

Aug 30, 2022

Mother, son arrested after 18 dogs found emaciated

A mother and son are in Okaloosa County Jail after Crestview Police and Animal Services found 18 emaciated dogs and one deceased dog in their backyard.

Officers from Crestview’s Police Department, Animal Services Division and Code Enforcement responded to the residence based on a tip received by PAWS.

Four of the emaciated dogs were located outside with no food, water or adequate shelter. Inside the residence, 18 living dogs were located, along with one deceased dog. 

Aug 26, 2022

Bolduc notes ‘great financial condition’ as Crestview delivers clean audit   

An independent auditor delivered a report to the City Council in a special session on Aug. 22, noting a clean audit for the City of Crestview.   City Manager Tim Bolduc said the finding was business as usual.  “The city’s auditor, Purvis Gray, came out and did their presentation tonight. They spoke to the overall […]

Aug 26, 2022

Jim Knudsen —1963-2022

Former News Bulletin publisher Jim Knudsen noted for character, work ethic “Hard work, integrity, accountability,” were just a few of the words the wife of former Crestview News Bulletin publisher and owner Jim Knudsen used to described him.  “He gave it 100% all the time. He gave it more than 100%,” Jennifer Knudsen said.   […]

Aug 24, 2022

Complaint moves school board to action

A complaint brought before the school board has spurred action regarding the condition of a classroom. 

Aug 24, 2022

Crestview man accused of taking over girlfriend’s Facebook account charged by Sheriff’s Office

A Crestview man was taken into custody Aug. 24 after allegedly threatening his girlfriend and her family.

Aug 24, 2022

Crestview man arrested for obscene communication again; Texted ‘I ain’t dumb’ before arrest by undercover police

A Crestview man was arrested and charged with soliciting an undercover officer who was posing as an underage girl.

Aug 24, 2022

Aug. 23 election results for Okaloosa County

Of 141,549 registered voters in Okaloosa County, a total of 41,467 voters – 29.3 percent of the electorate – turned out for the Aug. 23 primary election.  The county has 79,576 voters who are registered as Republicans while 25,543 are registered as Democrats. Another 36,430 belong to other parties or none.  Florida’s closed primary elections permit […]

Aug 22, 2022

Rebekah Jones wins appeal, looks to Aug. 23 primary

Rebekah Jones is now in the clear for the Aug. 23 primary thanks to a judgement handed down from the Florida Court of Appeals, First District on Aug. 22.

As Navarre Press reported last week, Jones had been involved in a court fight with Peggy Schiller, who is running against her for the Democratic nomination for Congressional district one. The winner of the primary will face incumbent Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).