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Acorn or bullet? Sheriff Aden issued a statement on the incident

While we know the agency is embarrassed by the recent body cam footage released showing a deputy’s use of deadly force after hearing a “pop” which turned out to be an acorn hitting the roof of his car, we are hopeful the entire agency takes a deeper dive in training and the sights, sounds and smells that can lead to deadly force – and situations like this.

Fill the hole with a load of rocks

Sixty minutes reported, on Sunday evening February 3, about a gap in our border wall. The gap is reported to be about sixty miles east of San Diego and is a global destination for migrants from around the world. The news source reported that during a four day watch they personally witnessed about 600 illegal entries come through the small gap.

With the national media so corrupt, where do we go for the truth?

Being snowed in for the last week, we watched a lot of documentaries. CNN did a series on the 60’s through the 2000’s by decade. It struck me as sad to see the way America could once trust the news.  But even CNN admitted that somewhere in the 1980’s, that all changed.

Young folks today differ

In the generational clash of Baby Boomers versus the “Young Folk” and the epic showdown of ideologies, work ethic, quirks, and peculiarities, let’s agree to disagree. The absurdities of our generational differences can be celebrated and laughed at. So here we go.

Out and About

Sandi Kemp
December 21, 2023
I recently heard a sermon from my home church, First Baptist Orlando, that 100% inspired this column. I love Christmas for many reasons, but first and foremost because we are celebrating and recognizing the significance of the birth of Jesus. How does the world celebrate Christmas? By giving gifts and acts of kindness to one another to demonstrate our love for others.

Randy’s Report

Randy Dixon
February 19, 2024
Never in a million years did this old Gulf Breeze Dolphin imagine I’d be writing this, but the Milton boys basketball team was thrown under the bus by the Florida High School Athletic Association last week when the region tournament was released.

For God’s Sake: Word is bond

Guest Columnist
February 22, 2024
In Genesis 27:30-45 Jacob swindled from Isaac the birthright rightfully belonging to Esau. Jacob used guile and dishonesty, urged on by his mother, to attain what was not his to have.

Isaac was skeptical that the person before him was his eldest son. But Jacob sounded so convincing that Isaac made his decision to give the inheritance to whom he thought was Esau.

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