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Oct 1, 2014

EDITOR’S DESK: Think pink, change lives, North Okaloosa (VIDEO)

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Crestview and Northwest Florida are certainly ensuring everyone knows about it.

Sep 30, 2014

HUBBUB: Consider how you evangelize, vote yes on Amendment 1

Interesting that a religion — that is, the majority for our country, and even more so in our area — has rallies to show children that they are not alone.

Sep 25, 2014

HUBBUB: Fund sidewalks, grateful for childhood cancer awareness

Teenager's death a tragedy: Very, very sad. Maybe now the city of Crestview will … fund sidewalks for its roadways especially those side roads.

Sep 24, 2014

EDITOR’S DESK: And the adventure continues… (VIDEO)

Sometimes, I believe the saying that you can't have it all: balance various aspects of your personal life and various aspects of your professional life.

Sep 23, 2014

Getting to the bottom of a common procedure

Baring my soul — let alone my bottom — to strangers isn’t something I usually do, but this is important.

Sep 12, 2014

EDITOR’S DESK: September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (VIDEO)

For the past couple of weeks, the News Bulletin's Facebook page has been flooded with posts about childhood cancer.

Sep 11, 2014

WORD ON THE STREET: Where were you on 9/11?

Editor's Note: Today marks the 13th year since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Our Facebook fans shared where they were on that tragic day.

Sep 11, 2014

HUBBUB: City government isn't a business; taxpayers provide funding

Featured comments from our discussion at

Sep 11, 2014

EDITOR'S DESK: Remember, united we stand…

Today, we observe the 13th year since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Sep 3, 2014

COMMENTARY: Minorities and women in STEM: Part 2

STEM jobs are increasing at staggering rates, meanwhile the amount of minorities and women graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics remains alarmingly low.
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