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Jun 8, 2019

DeSantis, control growth and protect nature

When Gov. Ron DeSantis put his signature on a bill authorizing three unnecessary, ridiculously expensive “toll roads to nowhere” that would plow across millions of acres of undisturbed land at Florid…

Jun 8, 2019

DeSantis, control growth and protect nature

Do the right thing to reclaim some of the faith you’ve lost.

May 31, 2019

Will you count in the 2020 census?

Is Florida ready for the 2020 Census? It’s not an idle question. Across the nation, states are gearing up to count every man, woman and child within their borders in the constitutionally mandated, na…

Aug 5, 2015

Aug 2, 2015

STRAUCH: We're losing our grip on America

I read somewhere this adage about wealthy families: The first generation makes the money, the second generation maintains it and the third generation loses it.

Dec 31, 2014

HUBBUB: Praising OCSO, questioning Exodos on Buck Ward Road

Praising OCSO's Operation Verification Sounds like a good thing. Hold their feet to the fire. The only ones that should be bothered by it are the ones not doing what they are supposed to be doing. …

Dec 31, 2014

EDITOR’S DESK: Write your story in 2015

Happy New Year's Eve, good people of North Okaloosa County!

Dec 23, 2014

HUBBUB: To kids, insults last forever; solving police vs. people problem

One solution to the police versus people problem What about police and beat walking? They would stop and talk to people, not ride by in a car. Wouldn't that be amazing if police got to know people b…

Dec 22, 2014

MY VIEW: Sheriff's deputy went above and beyond

I was driving at 7:30 a.m. last week to take the children to Baker School when my truck drive shaft yolk broke and caused my truck to break down in the turning lane at Highway 90 and Antioch Road.

Dec 18, 2014

EDITOR'S DESK: Shooting someone isn't the only option

This weekend, Okaloosa County's NAACP branch may march in Crestview to say that black lives matter.