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Jul 22, 2024
And just like that, the summer is gone.
The first day of school isn’t until Aug. 12 but for our local high school fall athletes Monday is the first official day of fall practice. Of course, as any athlete, coach or parent of an athlete will tell you, summer isn’t what it used to be.

Jul 18, 2024
A relative recently asked for my opinion on her pastor’s Bible commentary recommendation to her. Of course, the commentaries he recommended are those he uses for his own personal study. I considered his list of three and, whereas they would provide a reader with some interesting information on the Bible, in my opinion, they were not the best for helping someone better understand the message of the Bible.

Jul 18, 2024
A few nights ago, I was up late, sitting on the couch, watching TV.

I was trying to take my mind off the stresses of the world at a too-late hour, well beyond the time I should’ve been in bed.

Jul 18, 2024
On July 6, more than 400 cars lined up at the Old Spanish Trail Amphitheater in Crestview to receive food from a free giveaway.

Jul 15, 2024
I really enjoyed writing the story about Baker’s offensive line that appears in this week’s News Bulletin.  
Strictly focusing on the offensive line during last Thursday’s practice, my mind was flooded with memories of my time in the trenches at Gulf Breeze. There is so much to being an offensive lineman that most people don’t understand.

Jul 11, 2024
We’ve all heard our grandparents talk about growing up, back in the day, when a couple of quarters would buy a glass-bottled Coca-Cola and a pack of baseball cards.

Jul 11, 2024
In the Lion King, there’s a memorable scene where Mufasa, king of the Pride Lands, stands with his son, Simba, overlooking Pride Rock. Speaking of the future, Mufasa explains that at some point, his time in the circle of life will end, and it will be Simba’s time to rule.

Jul 8, 2024
In case you missed it, Oklahoma and Texas officially joined the Southeastern Conference on July 1.
The SEC moto is, “It just means more.”

Jul 2, 2024
To conclude this series on the Prayer of St. Francis, read the prayer in its entirety again:

Jul 2, 2024
Election years are always a very polarizing time in the United States. In today’s social media focused world, “unfollowing” a long-time friend because of their political views, beliefs or opinions is as easy as the click of a button.
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