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July 15, 2024
Project Hope, an addiction recovery ministry, has been in Okaloosa County since 2016 and in the Crestview community for about three years.

Project Hope was founded in Houston in 2012. The location now in Crestview was the second. A third location is in Arkansas with plans underway to open a location in the Birmingham, Alabama, area.

July 5, 2024
On the first Wednesday of each month, members of local churches meet at Hideaway Pizza to meet and share how God is working within the community. They pray for the community and plan future Prayer Walks or Prayer in the Parking Lot ministries that allow people to be prayed for from the comfort of their car.
July 1, 2024
Dr. Mike Mosley is a product of the class of 1977 at Fort Walton Beach High School. But he has spent his career at Rocky Bayou Christian School.

Starting as the school’s upper-level math teacher in 1980, Mosley served as the school’s baseball coach, taught throughout the school and is now the superintendent. And he still teaches math.

June 25, 2024
Vacation Bible School has changed a lot through the years. 

The simple Bible lessons, perhaps illustrated on a flannel board, are now delivered by high-tech methods. Simple crafts have become more elaborate. Depending on one’s taste, snacks today might taste better than the old standard of graham crackers or cookies and Kool-Aid so common to those of another generation.

June 19, 2024
First Baptist Church of Crestview was filled with the sound of music last week as it hosted the Music and Arts Camp.  

Close to 250 kids and more than 100 adult helpers participated in programs as diversified as sewing to playing the violin.

June 17, 2024
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Southern Baptists narrowly rejected a proposal Wednesday to enshrine a ban on churches with women pastors in their constitution after opponents argued it was unnecessary because the denomination already has a way of ousting such churches.
June 10, 2024
Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.”

Training children in the ways of God is just what the Wesleyan Child Care Center does. The childcare, on the campus of First Methodist Church, is located at 599 8th Ave., in Crestview.

June 3, 2024
As the longtime chaplain of the Florida State University football and baseball teams, Clint Purvis has had a front row seat for many historic moments in Seminole history.

Purvis told the almost 300 people gathered at the inaugural Crestview Prayer Breakfast on Thursday that they were also a part of history.

May 28, 2024
Paul Hughes will tell people his Christian walk hasn’t been easy, but as the Apostle Paul wrote, the grace of Christ is sufficient and made perfect in our times of weakness. 
May 20, 2024
Tenna McKinney is a paraprofessional at Richbourg School and a faithful member of High Praise Church. And while she works with special needs children every day, it took High Praise pastor Chelsea Gay to birth the idea of a setting for special needs children.
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