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Fulton County DA’s anti-Trump ‘Smoking Gun’ is a toy pistol

August 29, 2023
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis must be drooling. In a dark day for America, Democrats made President Joe Biden’s chief political rival fly to their stronghold of Atlanta, surrender to law-enforcement officials, and get photographed and fingerprinted like a common criminal.

Let this be a lesson

August 2, 2023
We have watched, shaking our heads, as a neighbor of Crestview, the City of Milton, stumbles over themselves over and over. And there are many lessons to be learned from the council and also the residents.

Lesson of ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Brouhaha: Don’t Capitulate to Left’s Cancel Culture

July 28, 2023
The best way to deal with cultural revolutionaries insistent on canceling history, art, statues, or people is not to engage in a dialogue or to apologize, but to ignore their demands and tell them to “get bent.” It’s been too long since our elite cultural and media institutions had a good Orwellian two minutes hate. They needed to concoct controversy to rile up the mob and destroy another hapless soul in the name of social justice.

Think you know what is in the school libraries?

June 29, 2023
Who knew at some point in time we would be discussing sexually explicit books allowed in our school libraries? And yet, here we are. Thanks to the group Moms for Liberty, based out of Melbourne, Florida with a chapter in Santa Rosa County and now expanding into Okaloosa County, the public has been made aware of sexually explicit books in our school libraries.

Prepare now for Hurricane Season

May 31, 2023
Today is the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Forecasters are finding this year’s hurricane season hard to predict. They have said the current warmer ocean temperatures would normally be expected to increase tropical storm and hurricane activity, but we also have an El Nino event brewing, which usually has the opposite effect.

Crestview Commons opening hindered by lack of turn lane

May 23, 2023
The first businesses at Crestview Commons started opening last week, among them Aldi and Planet Fitness. We are excited about Crestview Commons. Its selection of businesses, which includes Ulta, Marshall’s, Burlington, Five Below, Chili’s and Chipotle, are great picks for the area and offer something for just about everyone.

A strong week for our faith community

May 8, 2023
The faithful are strong in Crestview. We have two stories in this week’s Crestview News Bulletin proving that. The National Day of Prayer was another powerful event put on by the City of Crestview in partnership with the faith community in the area.

Investment in solar an investment in future

April 28, 2023
It’s fair to say that Florida Power & Light didn’t make the best impression when it first purchased and took over the former Gulf Power. Customer rates immediately rose to the point where several county and municipal leaders got involved by petitioning FPL and the Florida Public Service Commission about lowering rates.

City’s foreclosure vote a good step

April 11, 2023
Last week, we reported on the Crestview City Council voting to move forward with foreclosure proceedings on 15 properties that have accrued tens of thousands of dollars in fines if not more for not being in compliance with city codes and make no effort to get into compliance or communicate their intentions to do so with the city.

Proposal to allow death penalty for child rapes should move forward

March 27, 2023
In this week’s Eye on Government page, we have a story about a proposed bill making its way through the Florida Senate committees that would allow people convicted of sexual battery on children under the age of 12 to be sentenced to death.
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