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Positive leadership, positive results

September 20, 2022

Our growing impression of the leadership of the City of Crestview is a rare one. We see the City working for the benefit of city residents in ways that most leaders do not.

We saw the City lower the millage rate on property taxes this year – that must be historic. They were looking for a way to give the residents a little relief in a time where inflation and gas prices have been taking a toll on everyone.

Crestview deserves the best of us

August 30, 2022

When Sandpaper Publishing bought the Crestview News Bulletin in January, our team was filled with excitement. We have published Navarre Press for 23 years and we knew the product we could bring to the Crestview community.

Until recently, except for fan-favorite sportswriter, Randy Dickson, we were publishing Crestview News Bulletin with the same staff from Navarre Press. We knew that would be temporary as we searched for the perfect staff members for Crestview.

Now is a Good Time for Ayn Rand’s “Money Speech”

August 23, 2022

As America regulates and vilifies capitalism while also using the brute force of government against opponents, Dole and Chiquita are looking to make America their top supplier.

The FBI used a “no-knock” warrant on a likely presidential candidate. The other form of warrant is one where one FBI agent knocks on your front door while the other one goes around back and shouts, “Come on in!”

“Tis the Season,” please drive carefully…

August 23, 2022

“Tis the season!” That’s right, hard to believe and I think it started early this year. The does (the mamma deer) are dropping their young!

Why last week a friend of mine saw a large doe cross the road at Price Plantation on Buck Ward Road, luckily, he was going slow and stopped in time to see the tiny wobbly legged spotted fawn trying to follow its mamma.

Is Baker ready for growth?

August 9, 2022

We attended the town hall meeting in Baker with the district’s county commissioner, Nathan Boyles.

It was a great opportunity for residents to voice concerns, ask questions and get answers. There was a good number of participants, and the meeting went for more than two hours.

Looking back at Census 2020: What Florida’s business and community leaders need to know

July 27, 2022

Following the 2020 Census, Florida could have secured:

  • Extra yearly federal funding;
  •  An additional congressional seat; and
  •  Reliable data to guide statewide business and economic development, workforce infrastructure, social services, and decision-making for the years to come.

Title IX created to protect young women; but that may be history if woke challenges prevail

July 14, 2022

We get why protectors of trans rights are digging in their heels over gender identity and participation in school sports – we really do. In many ways, we even sympathize with their cause.

That sympathy, however, is tempered by the reality that biological males who compete as females in scholastic sports represent the exact opposite of “fairness” and “equity.”

Don’t give it a second thought

July 14, 2022
Ever work with someone who won’t – who can’t – make a decision? Or maybe you’ve been there yourself, staring down lists of details til your eyes blur over, recalculating your options, hoping – no, praying – that the right answer simply presents itself?

Support your local businesses so they can support the community

July 6, 2022

You know the math. Most of the money spent in Crestview stays in Crestview. It really is that simple.

When you shop locally, you’re really getting cash back in the form of lower taxes.

Expressions of appreciation

June 28, 2022

I would like to express my appreciation to North Okaloosa Medical Center.

I have never experienced better and more professional care than I received in my recent six-day visit. To all staff, especially Alice and the food staff, and Dr. Shalit, thank you.