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July 11, 2024
We’ve all heard our grandparents talk about growing up, back in the day, when a couple of quarters would buy a glass-bottled Coca-Cola and a pack of baseball cards.
July 2, 2024
Election years are always a very polarizing time in the United States. In today’s social media focused world, “unfollowing” a long-time friend because of their political views, beliefs or opinions is as easy as the click of a button.
June 27, 2024
It’s summer in Florida, so what we’re about to say probably won’t be surprising to anyone.

But man, it’s hot.

June 20, 2024
Election season in Crestview will be a little less lively this year with some of the biggest races being unopposed.

Both Mayor J.B. Whitten and Group 2 Council candidate Brandon Frost are running unopposed.

June 13, 2024
Last week, nearly every media outlet in the region met at the Santa Rosa County Emergency Operations Center to get prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. And if you haven’t seen the forecast for hurricane season in 2024, just know it ranges from bad to really bad. (Let’s hope forecasters are wrong this year.)
June 6, 2024
Nobody wants to deal with construction.

Most of us will go an alternate route if we can avoid a construction zone, just so that we don’t get held up.

May 30, 2024
You think you’ve seen the world until you’ve seen it as a parent.

Every day adventures are suddenly dangerous.

May 23, 2024
I love the City of Crestview; the closeness of our citizens, the strength of our faith community, and the appreciation we have for all the military services.  Having said that, there is one area that I believe we could improve upon and that is demonstrating how much we love our country because it is the greatest one in the world. 
May 16, 2024
Some of you probably woke up last Friday, very surprised to learn that a tornado came right through Santa Rosa County and into Okaloosa County.

Many were left to pick up trees from their homes, out of roadways and to repair property damage following the EF-2 twister. The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado through its preliminary survey, estimating its peak winds at 115 miles per hour.

May 7, 2024
It’s been covered in the news lately, but there have been several townhall events and meetings with Okaloosa County leadership about growth and development in North Okaloosa County.  We all know growth is a way of life in Florida and there is no stopping it.  The issue is, duh, it must be done smartly.  Crestview traffic is a disaster – to me, this is the poster child of growth not done smartly.
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