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Crestview man’s quest for tool leads to bloody fight, arrest

| Staff Reporters
Crestview Police found a bloody scene when they responded to a call on Aug. 16 involving two men, a woman and a mechanic’s tool.
Jonathan Wayne Brown

Crestview Police found a bloody scene when they responded to a call on Aug. 16 involving two men, a woman and a mechanic’s tool.

According to the arrest report, Jonathan Wayne Brown, 36, of Crestview, went to his victims home in search of a tool. When Brown arrived at the residence, he was reportedly belligerent towards the victim’s fiancée and demanded to speak with the victim.

The report says an argument ensued about the tool, after which Brown became physically aggressive and began striking the victim with closed fists. The victim’s fiancée was allegedly kicked in the stomach by Brown, leaving a red and irritated area on her abdomen when she attempted to separate Brown from the victim. 

The report states that once separated from the victim, Brown entered the residence without permission and went to the victim’s bedroom to search for the tool.

According to the arrest report, after the victim’s fiancée entered the residence and asked Brown to leave, he shoved her with two hands, causing her to lose her balance.

Eventually, according to the report, Brown was coaxed out of the residence by his mother. This did not stop the altercation, though. Once outside, Brown and the victim began another fight.

The victim was able to get away for a second and grab a two-foot long metal ratchet, presumably to protect himself.

The report says that Brown then went to the victim’s vehicle and smashed and destroyed the front windshield. Brown then slapped the victim’s fiancée in the face.

The victim responded by hitting Brown over the head with the metal ratchet. The victim stated in the report that he did this to prevent any further violence against his family.

Brown and his mother fled the scene in a silver SUV. Police later located the vehicle and observed an injured Brown in the passenger’s seat. The police and the vehicle that Brown was in were relocated to the parking lot of Michles & Booth law firm.

According to the report, when police located Brown, he had an open laceration on the left side of his head, resulting in the loss of a large amount of blood, and his left eye was swollen shut. When asked what happened, Brown told police that the victim attacked him.

Police at the residence observed two small pools of blood in the parking area out front and observed injuries to the victim’s face, legs and hands. According to the report, an independent witness provided a statement that corroborated the part of the victim’s story surrounding the windshield being smashed.

Brown is charged with burglary, two counts of battery and damage to property. He has been released on bond.

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