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Crestview man allegedly shot and killed dog as it ran across street

December 2, 2022
A Crestview man was arrested following an investigation into an incident involving a dog being shot and killed. The incident, according to Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, took place on Oct. 31 in the 1100 block of Farmer St. Willie Ray Gibson, 76, allegedly shot a neighbor’s dog after it had escaped the neighbor’s home sometime between 8 a.m. and 1:24 p.m. According to the warrant report, the dog was shot as it was running across Farmer St., away from Gibson’s residence. The dog died as a result.

Crestview gambling house operation lands man in jail

November 21, 2022
A Winter Garden (Fla.) man was arrested in earlier this month following a yearlong investigation into an illegal gambling house being operated in Crestview. According to Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Lin Zhuo, 56, kept and permitted a gaming room and slot machines at The Lucky Pearl Internet Café, located at 779 North Ferdon Blvd. for the purpose of gambling. The warrant report for Zhou states the offenses occurred from Jan. 18, 2021, to Nov. 12, 2021.

Crestview man accused of taking over girlfriend’s Facebook account charged by Sheriff’s Office

August 24, 2022
A Crestview man was taken into custody Aug. 24 after allegedly threatening his girlfriend and her family.

Crestview man arrested for obscene communication again; Texted ‘I ain’t dumb’ before arrest by undercover police

August 24, 2022
A Crestview man was arrested and charged with soliciting an undercover officer who was posing as an underage girl.

Deputies foil ‘high speed’ getaway

July 10, 2022
A Holt man tried to lead Okaloosa County deputies on a “high speed” chase Saturday morning on a riding lawnmower.

Crestview man charged for secretly recording woman in store bathroom

June 8, 2022
A store employee in Destin is charged with video voyeurism, a third degree felony, after a woman found his cell phone recording her using the business’s bathroom Monday afternoon. He told the victim she could use the restroom if she needed to, although it is not open to the general public.

Three Crestview police officers indicted for manslaughter

June 7, 2022

An Okaloosa County Grand Jury has indicted three Crestview Police officers in the Oct. 14, 2021, death of Calvin Wilks, Jr. after law enforcement interaction. Brandon Hardaway, William Johns and Evan Reynolds have been indicted for manslaughter.

A statement issued by the Crestview Police Department says they are aware of the results of the Grand Jury review. “As a law enforcement agency, we must trust the justice system we are charged to enforce,” Police Chief McCosker said. “We will continue to cooperate with all parties involved as we await the outcome of the upcoming trial.”

Baker fire chief arrested for premeditated murder

June 6, 2022

Sunday night, June 5, Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Baker fire chief Brian Keith Easterling at his home in Holt. Easterling is charged with premeditated homicide for the murder of Mike Evers, a 63-year-old Pensacola businessman, at Evers’s shop on Creighton Road on June 2.

Easterling’s arrest report sheds light on the details of the crime. The Pensacola Police Department was called for a welfare check on Evers who hadn’t been seen or heard from since Thursday, June 2. Police went to his La Jolla Drive property but didn’t find him there. One of the police officers, who is a friend of Evers, went to check the Creighton Road business with a family member of Evers.

Sheriff’s Office: Suspect in double homicide sold car to Crestview-area resident

February 4, 2022
Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office investigators had been searching for 47-year old Chad Ankenbrand since discovering the bodies of his estranged girlfriend, 52-year old Annastacia Merrell, and Merrell’s co-worker, 51-year old Patrick Tymoch, inside Merrell’s Bentwood Lane home Tuesday afternoon.

Sex offender pulled over in Okaloosa with zip gun, 15 grams of meth

February 1, 2022
Craig Golden, who is 36 and has no defined address, was pulled over on South Avenue near Fort Walton Beach and told the deputy he didn’t have a valid drivers license, according to his Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.
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