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SANTA LETTERS: Northwood Elementary, Deanna Perry's class



Dear Santa, My name is Harper, and I am a student at Northwood Elementary. This year I would like a computer and a big stuffed puppy and a real puppy, because I lost one of my puppies. I have been just a little sad ever since. One more thing – you are a really nice guy! Harper B.

These letters to Santa are by North Okaloosa County second-graders.

Dear Santa, My name is Damian, and I am a kid at Northwood Elementary. This year, I would like five cats to play with. I would also like a seven-week vacation in Europe. But what I wish for most of all is for everyone to be happy. Damian C.

Dear Santa, I have good grades at my school, Northwood Elementary. Christmas is so soon, and I would like a Barbie Dream House, Dream Closet, and Baby Barbie Crib. By the way, thank you for all the Christmas joy and spirit! And I wish it would… snow! Aariana M.

Dear Santa, I know that the elf did not come back tonight – my brother thought it was a stuffed animal, so he touched it. I am sorry about that. For Christmas I want a Nintendo Switch, a colorful jacket, and a book. You are the best. Elliott F.

Dear Santa, This year I want a big stuffed animal. Also, I want the biggest Lego set ever and a Switch with games and a TV on it. What I want most of all is Silly String. Elias S.

Dear Santa, I would like a PS5 and a puppy and the new Spiderman game. I also want Pokemon cards and a binder for them. Who is your favorite reindeer? Rudolph is my favorite. Merry Christmas! Jace R.

Dear Santa, My name is Zachary. I would like a plasma ball, a kid phone, Hot Wheels car wash, and a new iPad. Thank you for being joyful and bringing presents to every kid around the world. When are you sending an elf to our classroom? And what is a South Pole? Zachary A.

Dear Santa, I want an RC car, RC boat, toy train, toy helicopters, toy dino, toy house, Hot Wheels, Animal Crossing game, and a snow globe. Ronan R.

Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is an OMG doll and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. I also want a dog, but I am allergic. Santa, what I really want for Christmas is for you to help my Mommy find a house. But she’s trying to get one. Thank you so much for listening to me. Brayla J.

Dear Santa, Hey, I’m Markeith. I want a phone, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, football, and a drum set with speakers. You’re the best! Markeith W.

Dear Santa, I want a Super Shadow Plush and ten Sonic rings. I also want a big car that has a remote and a tall Sonic. I want to be his friend. Connor F.

Dear Santa, My name is Rosalea. I want a phone, electric scooter, box fan, Invisalign, Christmas hat, and lots of PopTarts. What do you want for Christmas? Rosalea W.

Dear Santa, I want Silly String and the Bigfoot game. Charlie N.

Dear Santa, I want an iPhone and a notebook. I would write in the notebook. And I would like to get a lot of surprises. I would also like snowflakes. Snowflakes are so special! Thank you for being a good citizen! Carolina K.

Dear Santa, My name is Brayden, and I am a student at Northwood Elementary. This year, I want a PS4, Spiderman game, and a puppy. Thank you for my elf! Brayden S.

This article originally appeared on Crestview News Bulletin: SANTA LETTERS: Northwood Elementary, Deanna Perry's class