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SANTA LETTERS: Bob Sikes Elementary, Toni LaFear's class



Dear Santa, Can you give my family some good gifts? I want an electric skateboard and VR Headset and dirt bike. Can you give Grant apple jamyses and a lizered cacher, and give Griffin a Blippy trater and put some bones in Cooper’s stocking and give my Mommy and Daddy some gifts too. Emmett A.

These letters to Santa are by North Okaloosa County second-graders.

Dear Santa, How are you doing? Santa, can I get these toys for Christmas? Doom buggy, Hot wheels, iPhone 13, hover board, Xbox series 2, Mario Live, remote control car, Gokin cotoom, dog, and V bucks. Xander B.

Dear Santa, I really want Heelies, a bracelet maker, Robucks, iPhone 13, computer, hair dryer. These are all the things that I want. I really want a girl elf. I want to know what kind of cookies do you want on Christmas. I hope your reindeer come for Christmas. From Layla C.

Dear Santa, Santa for Christmas I want an iPhone 13 and a electric skateboard. Another thing is a RC car, dune buggy lime green. I want a PS5. An one wheel and Nintendo Switch. Noxton C.

Dear Santa, I would like an dune buggy. I would like an Robucks. I would like an electric skateboard. I would like an VR Headset. Kaiden H.

Dear Santa, Can my elf make me a present? I would like a pop it and a iPhone. I want a bracelet maker and a hover board. I want some playdoh and a ball. I want a math book. Leah H.

Dear Santa, Can you get me a PS5 for Christmas Also, can you get me Robucks. Next, can you get me a Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. Also, can you get me a hoverboard. Also, can you get me a dirt bike. Next, can you get me roller skates. Next, can you get me a Nintendo Switch. Lastly, can you get me a dune buggy. Kyree H.

Dear Santa, I love Christmas is one of my favorites. I love the toys and family. Did you know that I believe you? I think I want an Xbox series 20, Hot Wheels, roller skates, and dirt bike. Garrett H.

Dear Santa, I like LOL dolls. I love toys. I would like 5 ceres of them. I love you Santa. If you need any help, Santa, I will help you. You are the best, Santa. Peyton H.

Dear Santa, I want a dirt bike and iPhone 13. Santa, I like my elf. Tyrin H.

Dear Santa, I would like a Nintendo Switch or Heelies. Thank you. Hope it’s not too foggy! Tell Mrs. Claus I said hello. Merry Christmas! Olivia I.

Dear Santa, I like your elves and the gingerbread. I would like to have vbucks and robucks, VR headset, Minecraft for PS4, Spiderman for PS4, boxing game for PS4, and an electric scooter. Erich J.

Dear Santa, Santa for Christmas I want Super Mario Party, Nintendo Switch, Robucks, Hot Wheels for Christmas. Jasmine P.

Dear Santa, I would love to go to the North Pole so it would be amazing if I did. I know that I can’t. A snow globe is good too. How are you doing? How is Mrs. Claus? I’d love to have some Heelies or Robux. I’d like to have a Christmas tree topper. Can I have a OMG Doll. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Clara R.

Dear Santa, Santa, I will give you more cookies and milk. Can I please have a iPhone, dirt bike, xbox 2, Heelies, Hot Wheels, and one wheel, and have a good Christmas. Patrick S.

Dear Santa, I would like a hover board charger. And please get me 100 Robucks. I hope you like your milk and cookies. Because my mom is a good cook. Love, Emma S.

Dear Santa, Hi. I really want a PS5, dirt bike, Nintendo Switch, one wheel, hover board, Hot Wheels, Robucks, Oculus Quest 2, iPhone 13, soccer ball, football, computer, electric skateboard, and a Xbox series 2. Thank you, Santa. From Sam W.

This article originally appeared on Crestview News Bulletin: SANTA LETTERS: Bob Sikes Elementary, Toni LaFear's class