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Royalty Cleaning Service shines bright

Jessica Baker has been professionally cleaning since she turned 15 and unlike most people, she loves cleaning.

“I like a challenge. My favorite is cleaning bathrooms and bringing a bathroom back to life,” said Jessica Baker, owner and operator of Royalty Cleaning Service.

She cleans the entire house or office, from toilets, bathtubs and sinks to floors and walls. The cleaning transformation is Jessica’s favorite part of her job. She says she has been in some pretty dirty buidings.

“To see my work change a space from what it was to what I cleaned it to – that’s what really amazes me,” she said.

She cleans both commercial and residential spaces – from offices and stores to apartments, houses, condos and townhomes. Whether you’re moving out of an apartment, about to put your house on the market, or just have company coming over for the holidays and want your place to be spick and span, Royalty Cleaning Service has got you covered.

Her children are her inspiration for her business, and she even named the business after her only daughter.

“My daughter is 5 and her name is Royalty and that’s how I came up with the name,” Jessica said. “She’s my motivation. I’m doing it for her.”

Jessica wants to set a good example for her only daughter, who looks up to her. They share a very special connection and Jessica wants to protect her.

Jessica Baker says her daughter Royalty is the inspiration behind her business name.

“She’s my princess. She’s my best friend and I’m her best friend,” Jessica said.

She also has four sons with another son on the way and says she cleans every day at home to keep up with them.

Royalty Cleaning Service operates on same day service. So, if a customer calls early in the day, Jessica can typically clean the same day. Services are also paid for the same day.

Jessica does regular scheduled cleanings as well. She offers weekly, bi-monthly and monthly.

“If they want it cleaned every week, I can do that as well,” she said “Some I do weekly, some I come just when they need the services. I try to be lenient because I know times are hard.”

Her services vary depending on what the space needs. She does a general cleaning, which is where she wipes down and sanitizes all surfaces and leaves the place smelling good. Jessica also offers deep cleaning, which is more intricate.

There is a $25 required deposit to book a cleaning and prices vary depending on how far she needs to drive. Jessica will travel however far a project is to clean. The prices of services also vary, but Royalty Cleaning Service offers free quotes.

“I go in and look at the job, see what needs to be done,” Jessica said.

Potential clients can also take a picture of the area that needs to be cleaned and text it to 334-473-7434 for a free consultation over text.

Right now, her clientele varies from homes to offices, but she is expanding into the real estate realm.

The quality of work and her affordable prices makes Royalty Cleaning Service stand out amongst her competitors. Jessica is independent and keeps a positive attitude. She is passionate and dedicated to her craft. Her prices are competitive and worth every penny.

“I try to offer the best prices around and my dedication shows in my cleaning,” she said. “My work is worth it.”

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