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Organize your garage with Closets by Design

With the holidays behind us, your garage is probably pretty cluttered right about now, storing boxes and boxes of decorations. You’ve got red and green Christmas decorations and glittery New Year’s decorations stacked on top of fall decorations. Decorating and undecorating for the holidays can be chaotic. And with the help of Closets by Design, your garage or storage room will be organized, and every decoration will have a home, making preparing for the holidays enjoyable like it should be.

Why is it important to have an organized garage, especially after the holidays?

Who wouldn’t want to arrive home to a beautifully organized garage? Life is hectic enough, and why not start unwinding from the moment you pull into your perfectly organized garage. The holidays are the best time to do this, before the entertaining begins! Create an organized space for your holiday decorations and your surplus of holiday supplies. Make it easy on yourself and keep up with that holiday inventory so you do not purchase the same thing twice.

How can Closets by Design help with garages?

Holidays aside, the garage is an important room in the home. It is not intended to be a throw-everything-in-it junk room. When everything has a place, it makes life more peaceful.
Are you able to pull your car into your garage? Are you able to walk around your car while parked in the garage? If not, you need to call Closets by Design. They offer a large array of options and cabinetry to help you organize your garage and create workspaces for your weekend hobbies. Large or small, they have the right combination of storage to fit your needs.  Their design consultants would love to meet with you for a free consultation and review your needs to create a beautiful, functional space.

Are there any sales going on?

Closets By Design has some great specials going on for the New Year.
They offer Special Free Financing for 18 months! You can apply and be approved during your appointment with the designer.  

It gets better. This January, all Closets By Design clients get a 40% discount plus an additional 15% discount on their project.

To begin your journey to a more organized and peaceful home, schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling Closets by Design at 850-669-6972.

Closets by Design
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