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For God’s Sake: Make time to sit and be still for a short time

| Rev. Mark Broadhead
During the Spanish-American War, some transport ships with supplies for General Shafter’s army found it impossible to drop anchor off the coast of Cuba and were compelled to steam slowly back and forth along the coast.

This made it difficult to land the horses and mules. It was finally decided to push them overboard and allow them to swim ashore.

Soon the sea was full of animals. Some instinctively swam toward the shore; others swam in circles in the water; but others, more frightened than the rest, started out to sea. It was a distressing situation, and the ship’s officers were quite concerned.

Finally, the men who were aboard the ships saw a soldier on shore quickly making his way toward a rocky outcropping. The stripes on his uniform showed he was the bugler.

When he reached the jutting rocks, he raised the bugle to his lips and blew bugle–calls, one after another, which the army horses and mules had learned to know so well. The sound traveled far out to sea, and was heard by every bewildered, struggling animal. Instinctively, they turned and swam toward the call.

The bugler stood there and sounded those calls until his lips were blue, but when he finally did stop, every confused and trembling animal was safe!

Have you ever been there – so confused, lost, sad, angry, hurt, that you didn’t know which end was up – you didn’t know in what direction to go?

It happens. And unfortunately, it happens to almost all of us at some time or another. Such confusion is disorienting. We don’t know which way to go, with whom to talk, what the outcome is going to be. Quite often people will hear others tell them what they think is helpful information or words of comfort. But the confusion continues, and direction is lost.

This is why it is so important to make time to sit and be still for a short time. It is in being still, and focusing on the presence of God in your life, that you will eventually hear the voice of God calling to you.

God will provide the comfort, guidance, and strength to steer you in the right direction. His words will calm your troubled spirit. He will bring you life.

While you have life and breath, God continuously speaks to you. Your part it to be still, listen, and know he is God.

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