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Okaloosa County schools delaying Wednesday start times

| Staff Reporters
A significant line of weather is scheduled to come through Okaloosa County early Wednesday morning bringing the potential of damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour. The possibility of tornadoes cannot be ruled out. This weather system containing thunderstorms will pass through quickly, according to Patrick Maddox, director of Emergency Operations for Okaloosa County.

The timing of the weather has the potential to impact bus transportation Wednesday morning during the first tier of school bus transportation. High winds will exist and students may be waiting at bus stops in very inclement weather.

For that reason, the Okaloosa County School District will be shifting all school start times later by one hour on Wednesday.

All schools are impacted because of the district’s tiered bus system. Since the first round of buses will be one hour late to the early start schools, that means that bus transportation to the second and third tier schools will be an hour late as well.

Schools will end at their normally scheduled time on Wednesday.

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